Every corner of Gubbio preserves traces of Ottaviano Nelli’s indefatigable industriousness. The exhibition path is connected to the urban context, for a reading of the deep bond of the artist with the city and the territory.


On the frescoed walls stand out the Madonna of the Belvedere, with its moving beauty and manifestation of international Gothic, and the solemn Crucifixion.

Opening time 11.30am – 1pm | 2.30pm – 4pm


The frescoes by Nelli decorate the apse with Stories of Saint Augustine and the holy arch with the Last Judgement. The Sant’Ubaldo on the throne between San Cristoforo and San Sebastiano and the Madonna delle anime purganti are from Nelli’s workshop.

Opening time 9am – 5pm

3. San Domenico

In the second chapel on the left, Nelli painted the cycle with the Stories of St. Peter the Martyr, in 9 episodes inserted in panoramic panels.

Opening time 9am – 5pm

4. San Francis

The monumental church houses in the apse of the left aisle the Stories of the Virgin, originally divided into 17 panels.

Opening time
10.30am – 12am | 3pm – 6pm
from Oct 31 10.30am – 12am | 3pm – 5pm

5. Rectory of San Secondo

The Panfili chapel illustrates the Stories of San Sebastiano, frescoed in 1458 by an imaginative follower of Nelli, Jacopo Bedi.

Opening time 9am – 5pm

6. Fraternity of the Laity (or of the Whites)

The hypogeum oratory of the beaten retains some of the frescoes with scenes of the dramatic representation of the Passion of Christ, frescoed around 1470 by a pupil of Nelli.
In a video the virtual reconstruction of the original environment is presented.

Opening time
Mon – Thu | 2pm – 5pm
Fri – Sun | 10.30am – 1pm | 2.30pm – 5.30pm

7. Palazzo Beni

In this architectural jewel there is the Museum of Arts and Crafts (MUAM). It boasted valuable frescoes by Ottaviano Nelli, of which some coats of arms painted in the loggia of the minor courtyard and allegorical figures in the rooms on the first and second floor remain.

Opening time, consult the MUAM website

Between Umbria and Marche

The exhibition suggests trans-Apennine itineraries in the footsteps of Ottaviano Nelli. In Umbria towards the nearby Umbertide and Città di Castello, towards Perugia, Palazzo Trinci in Foligno or the oratory of Santa Maria della Piaggiola in Fossato di Vico; in the Marche region San Domenico in Fano, the oratories of San Gaetano and Madonna dell’Homo in Urbino.
The Gubbio exhibition offers a link with the exhibition “Allegretto Nuzi a Fabriano. Oro e colore nel cuore dell’Appennino” (Fabriano, 14th October 2021 – 31st January 2022).

Urbino, oratory of Santa Maria dell’Umiltà. Angels.

Foligno, Palazzo Trinci, chapel.